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The Tashkent Astronomical Observatory (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences since 1966) was involved to the International Latitude Service (ILS) in Sept.1899, when the regular latitude measurements were started at Tschardjui (j = +390811, l= -6329). Because of the Civil War in Central Asian area, the latitude observations were ended at Tschardjui in May, 1919. A new latitude station was established at Kitab (Uzbekistan) on the latitude j = +390840 and the longitude l = -6653, in Nov.1930. The Kitab Latitude Station was equipped with two visual zenith telescopes (1929, 1957) and the photographic zenith tube removed from the Pulkovo observatory in 1978. The Kitab station provided the ILS with more than 250000 instantaneous latitude measurements. Since the early 90s Kitab hosted the ground based beacons of GPS, PRARE and DORIS satellite tracking systems, providing IERS data center with precise coordinates at subdaily frequency. In 1998 Kitab Latitude Station was renamed on Department of geodinamics of Astronomical Institute of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences.